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 Short Term Goals

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Roff Leiburne

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PostSubject: Short Term Goals   Mon Jul 18, 2016 12:19 am

By the End of Early Access
Let's begin to get a consensus for everyone's most important short term character development goals. This will help us get an idea of clan composition as well as provide guidance to undecided members. Below is a good baseline before pay wall goes up.

Melee and archery is the quickest path to viability and it's suggested you spend time leveling it. Blaine's overarching strategy is to have a strong melee presence on the battlefield. The sooner you can get masteries the better off you'll be in the long run. See below for specific school and skill notes.

Melee 50 skill (mastery at 75 - 1,00 gold)
Power Attack: 25 skill 300 gold
Whirlwind: 50 skill 1,000 gold
Disabling Blow

Archery 50 skill (sharpshooter & spirited at 75 skill - 1,500 gold)
Veteran Archer: 50 skill 250 gold
Disabling Shot

Magic Focus on your heals and transfers. Offensive magic is secondary to melee and archery, .

Schools: Lesser (75) Greater (50) Fire (75) Witchcraft (75)

Purchase all school upgrades (25/50/75/100) and upgrade all offensive spells.
Be sure to purchase Greater Magic Mana Efficiency and begin to level for Mana Conservation.


50 Skill + optional Fireball, Dragonbreath

25 Skill +  Heal Self, Transfers, Heal Other, Magma Storm, Fire Bolt

1 Skill + Witches Brew
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Short Term Goals
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